Hello world!

29 Sep

Hi everybody!

This is my first day as a blogger. I start this as an assignment for my Media Arts module, but who knows where it could lead? I have wanted for a while to start a blog.

So for starters, I’d like to share a little bit about myself. My name is Hadas Noam, I am an animation student from Bezalel, Jerusalem, on my third year on study. I am 23, as of yesterday. Currently I am on an exchange program in Middlesex uni. YAY! So far I love it here. It seems like I’ll get more freedom, and more time to get lost in gorgeous London.

I like do a lot of things aside from animation… I sketch a lot. I will upload some of those here as well. Hopefully one a day. My ultimate goal is making games. I’ll be uploading some stuff about a current game I want to make for this semester.

Some realization that has dawned upon me today – I like to animate simple, flowing characters, but I like to draw elaborate ones. So, for my game, my heorine will be extremly simple, and everyone else – complex and detailed. Like in Bone from Boneville . This has more reasons than one… Something I learned from Understanding Comics. Go read it 🙂

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