Cannary Road

01 Oct

Yesterday we had our first Communicating in Film class, which was set in the BFI (British Film Institute). The BFI has an amazing archive of old films right down in their celluoids. Pretty cool eh? Unfortunetly we can’t access that. They’d be too fragile! But they do have a room where can watch anything they’ve transported to digital media, for free. Nifty!

We watched an old, rather bizzar movie called Night of the Hunter, about a corrupt priest who goes around chasing children who know where their father’s secret stolen treasure is hidden. Some of the characters there were funnier then any I’ve seen in modern film, although I’m not too sure if it was supposed to be a comedy. The directing itself was inresting, becauseI don’t think it was done by a genius. I think it was done by a good, although common director. It’s like seeing the development of film language. The common mistakes of the time, which weren’t mistakes at all.

Afterwords I went with Amir, an ex-bezalel product design student, to look around Cannary Road. Kinda strange we were both in London at the same time, eh? It was lovely!

Also had the spiciest Nando steak ever… ouchies

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