Jogging and sketching

03 Oct

Hi everybody,

Today I’ve decided to start running. Well actually I decided on my birthday, but I had to fast on that day so I figured it wasn’t the brightest idea to jog while you fast.

So I ran today. Lets see how long I can keep this up 🙂

I also payed a visit to the National Gallery, finally. The tour was gorgeous, and so I took an hour to sketch Ruben’s Shimson and Delilah. I would have sketched more( it was addictive) but I only had a 2h mechanical pencil, it was tearing at my nerves as it was, to sketch one of those beautiful masterpieces with something so crude. Note to self: get a normal 2B pencil.

But perhaps the most notable event of the evening, or rather, early morning, was my joining Bobby Chiu on the Chiu Channel! For those who don’t know him, Bobby Chiu is an amazing concept artist and illustrator, and he runs an online school for painting, and a podcast, among other things. What it is, basicly, is a group of people on chat, Bobby broadcasting live and chatting, while everyone draws simultaneously on a chosen subject. We are given an hour, and by the end of it everyone’s gotta submit what they’ve got, and then we all vote on it. Winning is nice but the whole idea is just to go out, be creative, get INTENSE!

For me especially it was pleasurable since it has been a rather lonely Friday and I enjoyed the honest, although virtual, company of fellow artists.

The subject, by the way, was insect bunnies.

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Posted by on October 3, 2009 in Journal, Sketches


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