Thoughts of modelmaking

04 Oct

Okay so I’ve started reading my stop motion craft book and a few interesting things to note:

  1. Milliput- didn’t know that material. I have to try modelling with it. ~Not flexible, for props or skeleton. Maybe divide the hair into two – solid piece attached to the skull, which can be removed for animating, and then soft pieces on wire for animating the hair.
  2.  Upholstery foam – bit expensive but could be a good option for filling a model’s body. Also had in mind using masking tape and wrapping strings around it. Cover the whole doll in strings. Could be good for that Indian look I had in mind…
  3. Using brass tubes called K&S for the skellie. It sounds like an expensive option BUT it’s good to think of having solid pieces for the main bones. I guess I’ll try fimo or milliput before wasting my lunch money though.
  4. Using nuts (Ohm’s) in places I wish to remove, such as neck, feet, hands. Devise mechanics for rig! Maybe a nut with thick twisted wire which connects to a solid weight.
  5. Magnets! Heavy metal on the feet, maybe a steel table-top, with rare-earth magnet under the set. Wonder how far a rare-earth thingy will set me back…


By the way, this is all because I decided for sho I’m gonna animate the game with stop motion. I’ve been animating again on TVpaint and well… I haven’t missed it. I’d much rather be hunting around for junk for my set and modelling then wreck my back in front of the computer drawing and drawing and drawing and drawing and drawing…. wait thats not entirely true. I do enjoy drawing for hours, even on my tablet, but not animating. Dunno why…

Oooooh wait till you see the jungle I’m planning! Here are some new sketches, in the meanwhile

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Posted by on October 4, 2009 in Journal, Sketches, Stop Motion


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