Model updates

11 Oct

Onward to second stage! Wrapping with masking tape! yay fun….

Then I covered it all with yarn, and also modeled the face with fimo. I’ll burn the head and prolly have the hair in plasticine or strings around wire.

By the way, I spent a few days looking for aluminum wires. I started with art shops, tried gardening shops (they had some but it was too thick), moved on to builders shops, even looked up modeling shops online but only one sold wires and they were out cause some crazy fine-art dude had to make a huge doll with them. Those damned artsy folk!!!!!!!

I tried online shops but the only one who would sell to individuals was using pay-pal and from some reason it wasn’t accepting my card. So I’ve found a beads shop and they had… copper wire. Which is not nearly as good but I was nearly losing hope. The sad thing is, I took it for granted that it would be no problem to find some here. I have a stock at home, which I just bought at the art shop inside the school (guess you learn to appriciate Ventura when you’re out in London).

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Posted by on October 11, 2009 in Journal, Stop Motion


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