24 Oct

Alright, a few things.

First about simplicity Vs. Complexity.

Lets start with character design. Many people tend to create complex, detailed characters. And others use simple, almost cartoony characters. You can easily attach yourself to a face with two dots and a smile, and honestly believe that that creature has a heart and soul, and can go through many endeavors. It’s also a lot easier and quicker to animate simple characters, simple shapes. When you use simple characters, you are more free with your animation, so the character feels lighter and more flexible, and not stiff and stern. Well, that’s in classic animation, anyway. So why use detailed characters at all? If simple can be more audience-friendly, easily self-identifying, and easier to animate.

Well, there is no reason. Except of course, if that is what you want to show. I realized, by watching a beautiful french film which was created (I think) in oil or pastels, in a highly realistic rotoscope technique, that it achieved something else. So what if I don’t really need all those detailed to pass on the story or feeling. That is not the only thing I want to show. I also want to show beauty.

There’s a lot about this in Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics. (Go read it. It’s excellent.)

Also, I thought for the transformation of Fyvia between human form and animal, I’d create a demi-doll and unravel her strings in stop-motion, only to return the form to that of the animal. Dunno if I could manage that, but it sure would look cool.

By the way, today I went to see Wallace and Gromit anniversary event. They screened A Grand Day Out and then there was an interview with Nick Park. I enjoyed it very much. He’s such a quiet, humble person with a great sense of humor. Of course he’s also a perfectionist. There were many children in the audience and they asked the best questions. It seemed the adults just wanted to ask clever questions or draw attention to themselves.

Anyway, meeting him was inspiring. I didn’t know that A Grand Day Out was started in Uni, and that he worked on it for 6 years. Now that’s good to hear! Giving me the feeling it’s not hopeless 🙂 I may need to work on something for a while, but if it’s good, it won’t be wasted time. He said that we just need to continue animating, and he also said to send our work to Aardman. Cool!!

Here’s a sketch of Fybia. I wish she could like that on the game ..

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Posted by on October 24, 2009 in Journal, Sketches


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