Some tests

02 Nov

Okay so… while I nearly finished sawing through the first bolt (to make Fybia’s feet), my saw broke.

So, instead of drowning in despair, I did some tests for the vines. First I tried animating with fimo, without any wire. The fimo is pretty but it’s just not too animative. It keeps breaking and without wire I have no control.

So next I quickly built a simple “armature” (just some wires wrapped in masking tape) and covered that in plastecine. Now I got some control but I’m still not too pleased. And the best part is: the program I’m using is a trial and it only lets you shoot 50 frames per take! /cry


Anyway, here are the tests:


Oh I remembered another game which set me in the direction of making this sort of game. Odin’s Sphere!

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