Fibia peek

30 Nov

So the brave Fibia managed to give me a few animations. Poor doll, she’s broken her left shoulder now too. But she did well. I am now questioning wether it was a good idea to do the game in stop motion. Is it really worth it? I’ve come this far but how much game could I have had by this time (and amount of work put in) if I had only done it in flash…? And the difference in feel, it it worth it?

I mean, there are a gazzilion flash games and many of them look the same, but there’s nothing quite like Druid. Maybe those people were making the right choice though, because it has been stopping me from advancing. Stop motion is extremly time consuming, mostly because of all the item-hunting and problem-solving you have to go through. For classic all you need is a trusty tablet and a good mood. For 3D… a house-sized PC and lots of beer.

Anyway, nuff rant! Here’s a peek at the animations I’ve got, finally. The video is stretched from some reason… sorry. And some fun sketches, too.

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Posted by on November 30, 2009 in Game, Journal, Sketches, Stop Motion


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