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Finally: Game!

So, here it is, the reason for my long absence!

I haven’t posted any of the art because it’s all in the game. So, without further adue, here’s the link. Feel free to comment on bugs or if you like or whatever 🙂

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The game is going slow. I blame the essays. And yet, I think I was rewarded for learning about Sally Potter, and getting to meet her in person. One thing I got is my writing ability back.

And the first story is the one about the girl who talks to ducks!

So, they are on a small family boat, cruising down river. The parents are somewhere inside chatting, the older brother (6) chases her around and torments her <okay, lightly>. Eventually she sneaks away unnoticed, and go on to the very back of the boat, hiding there. She then hears the ducks who are about in the river. She quaks back. The ducks pause. She quaks again. They answer. She quaks happily. They start following the boat and begins a conversation of quaks. Sometime later something scares them and they fly away. She quaks to the silence and moans a bit, but doesn’t cry. Evening falls, she is asleep. Her parents carry her away to a warm bed.

The next day, while playing, she hears a quak. She skips to her ‘secret’ place and quaks merrily. There’s a chorus of quaking. She stand us and slides across the ladder at the back of the boat, to the water. She slips on the last step but lands on a big goose.

Dunno what happens next. Maybe she flies with them, or goes on a journey of some sorts and returns.

Okay, so, the essay is turned in, I am pleased and learned, now back to animation.

Here are some sketches from the past days…

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