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Hello From Cologne (pronounced Koln)

So, I just got back to my cosy little dorm room at the hostle, and this is the last day of my trip. Definetly the best day in Germany.
Because today I was at Gamecon! Man that was fun!! I got to play Diablo III nananana!

And lots of other great games, the ones that come into my mind are Bloodline Champions, Tera, Final Fantasy Online, SoulMasters… To name a few.
Bloodlines was amazing fun stuff: it’s an arena-shooter-RPG style game, where you pick a pre-made character and utilize it to the best of your abilities. They’re witchdoctor and steampunk styles, and the battle is well made, the controls are easy to learn, the only thing that bothered me is the slow movement, but you forget this after you get to using skills like enemy grapple and switch location spells.

In Diablo I played the wizardress. Mmm it was not easy at all! I felt kind of limited cause I was stuck to mostly using one spell while the others were less useful or on a timer. Still that 1.5 spell was fun to cast again and again while honning me hit and run tactics.
Ohhh, by the way, the Diablo booth was hidden so you couldn’t see what’s being played from the outside..

Oh there was also a gorgeous gallery of concept art oil paintings! mostly battleforge stuff. I was sure these were all Painter…

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Start New Game

Hello everybody!

The year is gone and past and now I am focusing solely on my final project: The game!

It may be a variation on Druid, with animal-transformation related puzzles, or a color vision game, with the ability to change color “glasses” to solve riddles, or it may be a strategy game which I won’t speak more of of now.

I’ll upload my new film, Karashindo, in the next few days. It’s made in Stop Motion with wool-felted puppets.

And Sketches!

Also, learning both Unity engine and Torque 2D. Haven’t decided on either yet. If anybody’s got ideas, let me know!


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