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Some Sketches

I’ve started making a paper prototype of the game. It’s as basic and fun as ever – a character RPG with skills and timers and stuff. This will help me get a feel of the game without any programming done! This way I can test it out and balance it quite quickly. And see it it’s any fun at all.

I’m adding a few sketches, searching for the design… and also some initial character descriptions:

  Man Eating Hag – A wicked old woman who is so envious of youth she had mastered to art of illusions to make herself seem young and attractive. However, as soon as she traps a man, she shows her true form – long nails, white-straw hair, bent and furious. She then opens a huge mouth fool of long sharp teeth to swallow the poor fellow. Although she prefers young men, she also enjoys eating children, and summoning frighting illusions or conjuring ghosts. Her best friends are rats. She is a very lonely old woman, and of course she holds the poisoned apple… She can also curse and possess other beings.

Scribe – A wizened mature woman, quite attractive but unreachable. She is a master of complex shadow spells and potions. She is also a master of a unique style of martial arts:“Broom-Fu” -she created a unique broom which can turn to a mighty double weapon in seconds. Short hair and athletic, wide shoulders. Business woman to cover her secrets in her daily lives – an archaeologist maybe or a scientist. She travels by broomsport. She has a raven companion and an army of spiders.

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Title Announced: Bewitched

Just kidding about the name. Worry not! But I have finally decided on which game I’m going to make – no it’s no longer about animal transformation, it’s much simpler – witches in a melee!

Yes you heard right. It will be a stop motion fighting game where different witches fight each other. Only female, of various ages and styles. Should be good fun! Incoming sketches 🙂

I’d also like to feature my good friend Adir’s new blog. He’s a fellow animator and he’s started writing about comics and animation, as well as showing his own work. Awesome gems there – enjoy 🙂

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