Still corcheting

15 Nov

Remember the girl from the post below? Well, here’s a snap of the her current state. You can see all stages of building her – armature , sponge and crocheted yarn!

It’s taking waaaaaaaaaay longer than I anticipated… plus being sick was no help. But the plan is to finish it this week, then maybe a few animation tests and then on to the first set – The Graveyard!

Also, I wrote a bit of background…

The secret city of witches, it is neither hidden nor obvious, for it right there in front of us, but shrouded in magicks of illusion. None can see it but those who are invited. And there are very few occasions which allow us humans to visit the world of the witches. One such even is the market at Vale, where the mortal and the magical do trade. Another is the great tournament of the magical, held in different locations of the city.


So let me tell you a little bit about this city. Since most witches prefer aerial travel, tall towers are a common sight, without as much as a door, but only windows for entry. No witch accepts orderly conduct, so a witch may build her home whenever there is agreeable space, or she finds herself able to make said space. Still, along the ages, official buildings have been built with combined magical will. These include, of course, the Old City Hall, today quite in good shape. Not too sure why it was abandoned. The main residents are bats, quite a few spiders, rats, and of course, lizards. Perhaps an ingredient farm was more necessary at the time… Anyway, it sure was impressive when it was built. You can still recognize the massive Oracle columns of the entrance hall, and the dark amethyst round ceiling… yes yes, quite lovely, it was.

Next is the Academy of Magic, all tall, sharp, gothic towers, bent in odd directions due to misfired homework.

There’s two main shopping areas; the market, where you go to find basic ingredients, cheap instruments, and also food; and Flea Street, which is where you do all your fancy shopping, for professional brooms or a new dark rag. The market is spread across many spider-woven small alleys, all wound to a huge square, called market square, where you can find some magical entertainment, such as water juggling and potion brewing. Flea Street is perhaps the straightest street in Witch Town, and the widest too. It even has a few living trees here and there; There’s colourful shops of every kind. You’ll just have to go and see! And food stalls too. Mmmm smoked rat-tails… Ugh the smell of it: delightful!


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