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First of all, it’s about time I uploaded Karashindo, the short film from last year.

Then, update on the game: It may turn out a little different. I mean, it might not be a melee game after all, but a puzzle platformer. Although I still want to make the melee game, it may just not be enough for a final project in Bezalel. Though… if I could find a good concept for why the characters are fighting… Eh well.

Game I’m playing:

Turtix – Only reason I played this is cause the engine I’m using, Torque 2D, keeps featuring it. Very nice graphics, pointless though entertaining gameplay. Your most basic platformer..

Kings Bounty: Armored Princess! – Okay now this is a game! Strategy fighting based on Hereos, but RPG adventuring style. Tons of creatures to hoard up and let die in the battlefield. Funny stories. And the best of all: You get to raise a baby dragon! Yay!

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First Demo Ready!

First Demo Ready!

Actually it was ready for the pitch last week, but I didn’t want to upload it that much… here’s a screen shot plus some semi-old picture of set and Mina

By the way, it’s still very sketchy, I know about the interface, and the character and set’s lightning problems, and the lack of contrast between set and character, and the layering problems! I know! But if you have other comments, I’d like to hear em.

There’s a link to the game itself:

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