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Version 0.03

Yes! We’re doing versions now 🙂 Version 0 means it’s in alpha testing, and you’re it 🙂 yippee

Anyway, this is going fast now, improved the fireball and added a basic background.

Things to add next:

  1. Proper introduction screen to show you the keys
  2. KO (Knock out) for characters and wins counter + it’s interface
  3. Victory checker and stage clean-up = new game!
  4. Melee attacks 🙂 Yes! I animated some today
  5. Pretty wool animation for interface
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First Demo!

Hi everybody! A little side trip from the art…I’m very excited to post the first playable demo. Up until now it’s all been rough tests in Torque or Gamemaker, but Unity WINS!

Anyway, it’s a pacifist’s fighting game. No Fighting! (yet). However, the camera is working as intended and the (few) animations and gravity.. Have fun with it. – Edit: Scratch that. there’s now a fireball version. The second link. Warning: Must be played by 2 people!

Oh you’ll need to install the Unity player but it’s weightless, like flash… The keys are WASD and 1, 2, for the blue character and arrow keys and 1,2 in the numpad for pink character.

Pacifist version:

Fireball version:

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Advanced Background making

Well, I’m getting closer to the final look of the first stage. Of course, it’s all shot on a dolly and has plenty of depth, but here’s a screenshot. Hope you like!

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There be mountains!

I decided I want to make the background fully stopish, no computers and layering involved! So there

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