Programming Tasks

08 Apr

Warning: No game update ahead!

I’ve decided I won’t post any game versions until I have one that is fun and without any major bugs.

Instead I’m updating programming stuff to do, it’s mostly for me. Yes boring yada yada…

Stuff I added:

  1. Fixed jumping animation to corrospond to gravity.
  2. Fixed clean animation switch when landing.
  3. Improved gravity to be more life-like
  4. Improved sprite size so they show better graphics
  5. Added a second character – Morgana and her Walk animation.
  6. Did some animations… Morgana Stance/Walk/Claw Attack, Better Mina Run.

Stuff which require graphics and which:

  1. Win bulbs – Empty/Full
  2. Font for menus


Stuff which do not require graphics:

  1. Win/lose status and decleration:


Details of win/lose: \

  1. Check when Health becomes 0
  2. Drop Character  – Lose Animation
  3. Play character’s Win animation
  4. Proper introduction screen to show you the keys
  5. KO (Knock out) for characters and wins counter + its interface
  6. Victory checker and stage clean-up = new game!
  7. Melee attacks Yes! I animated some today
  8. Pretty wool animation for interface
  9. Background Movement
  10. Character Selection

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