Version 0.3

14 Jun

Lots of changes! Unfortunately, the more complex the game is, the more bugs pop up. So I’m doing more and more debugging and less adding of new features. Yes it sucks. I know. So all I have for you this time is a newer screenshot, but I’m proud to say I’m nearly done with the interface! Got better icons and portraits and character names 🙂

Other stuff:

  1. Morgana can now shoot a poison apple. It causes a dot and makes mina glow green!
  2. Second jump AKA somersault is in.
  3. Knockdowns are in and they are fun 🙂 pow-wao!
  4. Most of Mina’s newer animations are in. Looking much better. Still much to work on there though…
  5. Collisions works better. Bah you didn’t know how crappy it was before. Lucky you.
Other notes… I bough an asset off Unity called Playmaker. It’s supposed to make the workflow more efficient and it’s visual-coding basicly. Right now it’s not proving too useful because it’s a bit late for it but it seems pretty good for future projects. The other asset I bought, Sprite Manager 2, is really great, I couldn’t make the game without it. Some interesting read on the future of game development…
And now for much sadder news. I confess… Due to stress and lack of time for actual games or even a TV show, I’ve started playing the Zynga games. I can’t say I love it but they do keep me awake and focused. Colorful images yay! with stuff to click –  double yay! Man I can’t wait till this project is over and I can play real games…
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