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Version 0.2!

Okay so I’m not giving away my alpha version yet… But! I am becoming more and more proud of it 🙂

The bestest part so far is that Morgana, the green witch, can now fly. It’s fun! I should make a game based on flight sometime. Other new stuff:

  1. The joystick and buttons controllers I ordered have arrived! They’re looking sweet although it’s not as simple as I thought to set them up.
  2. The promised Stop-Mo interface is integrated and animated now.
  3. Combo’s are in, they work, and not too difficult to perform.
  4. Finished animation stage.
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A little side trip to Coral land… yes starting to make a second set. I have to push that as well. Plenty of animations done, I’ll program them in during the break, should be fun 🙂

And hopefully will finish the set by then too. Here’s a sneak peak of the corals detail. Hope you like !

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Return of the dead

Hi Everybody!

I know you thought this blog was dead. Well I thought so too. But I’m still alive and kicking! I think it’s past time I revive it then. I am a cleric, after all.

So, for starters, here’s the poster for my game, Druid! I hope you like it. And a test from this semester’s project: a story about Karashindo.

Hmmm what else is new… there’s plenty of new sketches, of course, and scupltures too. I made a costume: Princess Mononoke it is. My goals for this semester is to finish planning the game – it’s changed it’s face and will now be more of a conceptual game, where you play different facets of humanity by acting as different animals. Finish the film… draw lots and lots…

Hey anyone who’s interested in seeing those things, let me know 🙂

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Fibia peek

So the brave Fibia managed to give me a few animations. Poor doll, she’s broken her left shoulder now too. But she did well. I am now questioning wether it was a good idea to do the game in stop motion. Is it really worth it? I’ve come this far but how much game could I have had by this time (and amount of work put in) if I had only done it in flash…? And the difference in feel, it it worth it?

I mean, there are a gazzilion flash games and many of them look the same, but there’s nothing quite like Druid. Maybe those people were making the right choice though, because it has been stopping me from advancing. Stop motion is extremly time consuming, mostly because of all the item-hunting and problem-solving you have to go through. For classic all you need is a trusty tablet and a good mood. For 3D… a house-sized PC and lots of beer.

Anyway, nuff rant! Here’s a peek at the animations I’ve got, finally. The video is stretched from some reason… sorry. And some fun sketches, too.

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Forest peek

Okay here’s a sneak peek at the forest. I’ve got both tiles ready now and plenty of trees, although I still need to drill the holes and insert the nuts so I can do the replacements of the trees… BUT you can get a feel of it. I’m gonna get proper lighting and do the shooting sometime this week. Hmm… maybe I’ll shoot in school?

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Sorry, no new animations.

My puppet broke today.


Let us mourn for a minute of silence.






Okay all done! I’m gonna make a hell of a lot better one now!

I was in the midst of despair when I bumped into my tutor, Magnus, on campus, and after hearing of the tragedy, he wouldn’t let me drift to classic animation but instead directed me to Jonathan, the animation tutor, who in turn gave me a roll of aluminum wire! Now you all know how hard I was looking for aluminum wire some time ago, until I gave up and setteled for copper. BIG mistake. Copper breaks, as it appears. Aluminum is awesome! It’s so soft and flexible and light. Mmmmm aluminum…

Anyway, this means, no excuses! I’ll make a new puppet and get on with the plan. So first thing I did was research some more on stop motion. Jonathan told me where I could get this wire (and a huge selection of other animation materials, including tricells and cell paints!)ff

Next I’ve found a great site and forum for stop motion enthusiasts, including one guy who’s making a game like me. Yeepee!!! this one is
Also, if anyone is interested in trying out stop motion with puppets, this site sells a durable armature kit, at only 20 pounds. It’s the cheapest I’ve seen anywhere and it includes aluminum wire and trust me… it will save you a lot of pain. Ah if only I’ve known of this before….

Also a really cool site that sells scenery-sets making materials. I’d usually rather make those stuff myself, and regardless my whole game will only be made in yarn (including UI and special sparkly effects!), so it’s no good for me. But still fun to look at.

Also a few things I’ve learned…. how to make a T-tiedown (instead of magnets). To use plaster to make different heights. How to “plant” fake grass (there’s a tool for that in ecsenics website). How to make water..

Also discovered a really cool animator and prop maker, Nick Hillisgosnic. Well it’s not like he’s new or anything, he’s a 62 year old veteran, but he’s Australian!

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Yarn Forest

So here are a few shots of my set in progress. I decided to talk the whole thing to yarn kingdom!

So the background will by “drawn” with strings, kinda appears like Vincet’s strokes. Ahead will be trees wrapped in yarn and green some dropping from the brances for the leaves. Tell me whatcha think?


[edit: Note to self: Lionel Cohen’s Project Orange album! It’s lovely for background music for the game.]

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