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The last post for Witch… the next will be about the new game!

Hello everyone!

First of all, for those of you who did not come to the exhibition, there’s now a keyboard version which can be played online .

Keep in mind it is still a bit buggy. I wish there was a good programmer to sit and do some QA with me. But I’ve decided I’m not putting any more time into this project. Instead I’m learning C# from 0, the proper way (it’s actually a book, Head First C#. fun times!)

Anyway have fun with it. If it gets stuck… refresh your browser. As always, comments are welcome.



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Version 0.2!

Okay so I’m not giving away my alpha version yet… But! I am becoming more and more proud of it 🙂

The bestest part so far is that Morgana, the green witch, can now fly. It’s fun! I should make a game based on flight sometime. Other new stuff:

  1. The joystick and buttons controllers I ordered have arrived! They’re looking sweet although it’s not as simple as I thought to set them up.
  2. The promised Stop-Mo interface is integrated and animated now.
  3. Combo’s are in, they work, and not too difficult to perform.
  4. Finished animation stage.
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Posted by on June 5, 2011 in Game, Stop Motion, Witch


Version 0.1 Hurray!

There’s a new build!

Here are some additions:

  1. New char – Morgana
  2. Punches!
  3. Character reactions – hurt when hit, dance when won
  4. Impact – effects happen in the right frame and not at the end of animation
  5. Menu system – Main menu and in-game menu, plus pause (still a bit buggy there)
  6. Score system – counting of wins, and resetting of the stage.
  7. General cleanliness – auto-destruction of unused items, dynamically-written scripts for character control, for future implementation of character selection
  8. Last but not least – the background is animated 😀 Yay!
So, I won’t be uploading a version cause it’s not ready for testing yet. But! Here’s a screenshot 🙂
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Version 0.03

Yes! We’re doing versions now 🙂 Version 0 means it’s in alpha testing, and you’re it 🙂 yippee

Anyway, this is going fast now, improved the fireball and added a basic background.

Things to add next:

  1. Proper introduction screen to show you the keys
  2. KO (Knock out) for characters and wins counter + it’s interface
  3. Victory checker and stage clean-up = new game!
  4. Melee attacks 🙂 Yes! I animated some today
  5. Pretty wool animation for interface
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Posted by on March 27, 2011 in Game, Witch


First Demo!

Hi everybody! A little side trip from the art…I’m very excited to post the first playable demo. Up until now it’s all been rough tests in Torque or Gamemaker, but Unity WINS!

Anyway, it’s a pacifist’s fighting game. No Fighting! (yet). However, the camera is working as intended and the (few) animations and gravity.. Have fun with it. – Edit: Scratch that. there’s now a fireball version. The second link. Warning: Must be played by 2 people!

Oh you’ll need to install the Unity player but it’s weightless, like flash… The keys are WASD and 1, 2, for the blue character and arrow keys and 1,2 in the numpad for pink character.

Pacifist version:

Fireball version:

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Posted by on March 26, 2011 in Game, Witch


Set Progress

Here’s a little update:


The work on the set is advancing nicely, much faster than I anticipated. Yippi!!


The first arena will be in a Japanese-style graveyard, with merry ghosts cheering the contestants. Pablo will do the classic animation on the ghosts. Whew….

On the other hand, progress on little Miss Wrath is taking its sweet time…

Oh and there is that. I thought I might add the element of the seven sins into the game. Each witch symbolizing a sin. This would present itself in design, gameplay, moves, and overall character. Your thoughts welcome!



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