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Showreel: Stop Motion +



Our third year’s second semester project, about Karashindo. Only those who can love Karashindo, can see him. Based on the story by Dvora Omer. The puppets are wool and the bg beans and candies! Stop Motion, of course..

Created by Shlomi Avramovitz and myself.

A bit of 3D coursework from my second year:

80 cm Under the Earth

This is short stop-motion film I made with Alex Landa AKA Landish , during the course of our first semester of our second year in Bezalel. The goal was to create a 30 seconds film that represents “meshutaf” – something in common.

The greatest challenge was to create something clear and communicative, and yet uniquely ours, all under 30 seconds. Well, we failed the 30 seconds limits, but we were one of the few who came closest 🙂 Most took way longer with their film. You can find some of the other films that took part in that competition here .

Dancers Vs. Zombies

This is a mini-demo of a game I did in my flash programming class on my second year in Bezalel. Sorry for the horrid quality of the video… it’s a flash-capture.

Capturing London

Fresh straight from Central London! A fun film/exercise we did in a few hours around the greatest attaction. Part of an introduction to my studies at Middlesex. It was a ton of fun. We wanted to do pixelation so we stopped different people on the street… unfortunetly, we had no tripod and with all the different people the camera was quite unstable and so nothing came out of that shot… still, it was fun.

The Line

This is the last project of my second year in Bezalel. It was pretty much free style in choice of theme.

Prince of Persia

Our first experience at pixilation, we did a tribute to the original Prince of Persia game. We’re all fans. This was done by Pablo Peralta, Eyal Laybovitz, who is the actor, and myself. This was all part of our second year 1st semester workshops, where every two weeks we were given a technique and had to create a film on the same day with that technique.

Romeo and Juliet

Our second stop-motion experience. We were allowed to use only matches and plastecine. But only animate with the matches. My partner here is Alex Blau, the one and only!


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